Well, well, well... Long time no see amigos! So sorry for the ridiculously long Absence. It is again due to my repeatedly pitiful excuse if school work but now it's summer it's going to be much more regular updates.

For summer one of my essentials is deffinetly a pretty summery lip colour.  An oldie but a Goldie is the Rimmel lip balm which I am sure I have mentioned on her before. It brightens up any look, like plain t-shirt and shorts or anything you have chucked on in the sleepy daze of summer. It is creamy and avoids the all to common dry lips which accompany lipstick.
Next is another necessity for the heat of summer. With the hot weather comes the dreaded result...oily skin. Ugh it is horrible and makes foundation blotchy and gross.  Personally a look I try to avoid so if possible I would use a concealer and just a powder. The sleek powder offers a two in one. It has a light shade, darker shade and a setting powder. The light colour is good to brighten under the eyes whilst he dark I prefer for blemishes.

 So they are just a couple of my essentials for summer from my very long list. This is deffinetly a topic I will be continuing. Comment below if you have any summer essentials.

See y soon
Kay xxx

Summer essentials

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Sunday, 3 August 2014





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