It's not very often we get the time to spend an entire evening to ourselves. Mostly we are working, revising or doing homework. That's why I think it's especially important to take time to chill out for an evening, one of the best ways to do that is with  a spa night.
After much practice, I think I have mastered a pretty good routine to help relax and de-stress after a long day. So I thought I would tell you guys about my recipe to the perfect spa night.
Step 1- Clean your face
This step is very important because keeping up a good skin routine is essential to prevent breakouts. For this step I remove my make-up with a neutrogena face wash, using my body shop face brush. After I ex-foliate my lips with a sugar scrub or a soft toothbrush ( it sounds weird but it really works). 
Step 2-Bath
To get the perfect bath I use either a bath bomb or bath melt from lush. My favourite is space-girl as it is so pretty and glittery (I'm a sucker for glitter) so, after I'm in the bath I plop it in. Then I will use The mango bath melt from lush, put on some good music and relax.
Step 3-Face mask
There are loads of great face masks out there, however the one I prefer to use is the mud therapy mask from Superdrug. It's one I've had for ages and it's well used and well loved. So apply the face mask to your face and follow the instructions on the back. 
Step 4- Relax
Now's the important bit. Sit back with a book or magazine and spend ten minutes not worrying about anything. Don't think about exams or work, just chill. After your done relaxing, wash or peel of the face mask and you should be left with fresh  clean skin.
Step 5- Nails
A very important step now. I always feel so much better with painted nails, even though I'm terrible at them. First file and clip your nails and then buff them. After that I apply a cuticle oil and a base coat. Then add on your favourite colour, mines a pretty turquoise from Rimmel. Apply a top coat and then your done.
Step 6 - Moisturise and tone
Now you need to finish off that all important skin care routine. Do this by applying moisturiser, mine is the simple oil balancing moisturiser and it says it works to make the skin more matte. Don't know if it really does that but I'll let you know in a review soon. Then tone with a toner of our choice.
So that's my perfect spa night, hopefully you enjoyed and will be left feeling wonderful and calm. Let me know what you thought
See u soon 
Kay xxx

How to: the perfect spa night!

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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