It feels like it has been a rather long time since I've done an actual beauty post. I've been doing my Get to know me tag and so I feel like I have deprived you all of an actual beauty post. Therefore today I thought I would bring you one all about how to get healthy hair.

One of the most important ways to get healthy hair is not to wash it to often. At the most hair should only really be washed every other day so that it won't be striped of it's all important oils which are what keep it strong and shinning. Another very important way to improve your hairs health is by using the right shampoo and conditioner. It's important to use a shampoo that particularly targets your hair. For example if you have died hair you could use Tresemme colour revitalise fade protection shampoo or if you have long hair the Aussie luscious long shampoo. These are both products I have used and I think they are both good at fulfilling what they say on the bottle.

One of the other most important things for your hair is getting regular trims. I know, I know nobody who is growing their wants to get it cut but it is so important for you hairs growth and in the long run means it will grow more. Besides what's the point in waist length hair if it isn't in good condition.
Now on to a subject close to home; colour. Recently I died my hair blonde. Or at least what I thought would be blonde but very quickly faded into what I tried to pass off as caramel brown even though we all knew it was ginger. Don't get me wrong I love ginger hair but against my skin tone I just looked tiered and ill. Now I am back to brunette and loving it. My hair is shinier and healthier. The lesson; don't die on a whim. Think it through because it is an important decision. Will it be worth damaging you hair if you aren't sure you like the colour?
However if you do decide to colour it remember to use deep conditioning masks every now and then. Every Sunday evening you could put on a hair mask and it will do wonders for keeping you hair shiny.
Finally, when you brush your hair use a soft bristle brush like a tangle teaser. This will stop any hair being pulled out. Also while it's wet use a wide tooth comb to ensure it won't be damaged.
I hope this helps any of you with hair troubles and please comment if you have any hair tips of your own.
See u soon
Kay xxx

How to get healthy hair

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Friday, 11 April 2014

  1. I love Aussie hair products! So reasonably priced yet so good. Great tips. I definitely need to follow your advice about going for regular trims. I'm forever putting them off.

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