Hello my lovelies! How are you all today? In England, Bristol we have had a horribly cold rainy winter (no surprise) so when I woke up today with the sun shinning I was so pleased to see the start of spring. It was only 13 degrees but in England that is actually quite warm.

I have been loving a lot of new make-up products this month so I am very excited to share them with you all.
  The first product on my list is an eyebrow product from benefit and it it the speed brow mascara. This really has changed my make-up routine. I used to use a regular brown pencil but as I died my hair I switched to a black one. When I used the black one it was so harsh and heavy so the speed brow really helped make it more natural. It is a pale brown but it would blend with any colour brow because it is sheer. This product isn't really to add colour or fill but to add volume and tame your brows. It made my brows thicker which is good as I recently over plucked mine-it doesn't look good haha. Overall such a good product and honestly I have no criticisms.
 Another new discover is The L'oreal glam shine lip gloss. It's amazing, so shiny. I am a person who always has five different lip balms and glosses and it really takes a lot for me to love any lip product for more than a week but this one is excellent. It is like the same kind of shiny you see on make-up adverts and it lasts pretty long. My only criticism would be that it can leave lips dry after it has worn off but I suppose that's just an excuse to reapply this fantastic product.
A hair product I have been loving this month is my back comb brush. I don't know where it's from as I got it off a magazine ( its where all the best stuff is from haha) . My sister is a hair dresser and she did a bridal hair style on me using back combing which was amazing so I have decided to use my back combing brush more. I tested it a little last night and it's fair to say it does a pretty decent job. Maybe I will be able to post a tutorial using it soon...
My last favourite of the month isn't so much a thing but more of a past-time. This moths I have been quite into arts and crafts. I have been making a big map of the world on a mirror back using bright pastel colours. I then decided to make myself a calendar and bought my self a pack of felt tips and then for some reason I've started drawing manga. This little burst of creativity is a bit out of nowhere but I have been feeling a little down in the dumps recently and I think this is going to help my express myself and take my mind off all my worries. I'll upload a post when I've finished my map so you all can see.
See u soon
Kay xxx

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Monday, 10 March 2014

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