We have all been there done that when it comes to late nights. Whether you were at a party, up until 2 am watching cat videos on you tube or studying for a last minute exam. The real question is how the hell do I get my face to look normal in the morning? It's hard but I have a few tips for you guys on how to look good after a late night.

Firstly the best advice is wait ten minutes after you get up to do your make-up. This will allow time for puffy dark circles to die down and then doing your make-up wont be such an impossible task as you can really see what you will need to cover. One of the next things you need to do is use a light highlighter to cover dark circles. A bright one will counteract the dull colour and open up your eyes.

Next you will need to use a lash lengthening mascara to open up your eyes again and refrain from using eye-shadow as it will only enhance your dark circles.
Another important thing is to eat a good breakfast, it will make you more awake and happier therefore making your face brighter and more lively even though all you may really want is to hide in bed forever.
So there are my little survival techniques for a late night. Hope you enjoyed and put to good use ;)
see u soon
Kay xxx

How to look good after a late night

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Friday, 14 February 2014



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