Recently, I headed to my local Superdrug to top up on my make-up collection. I got a couple lovely little blushes  that I am very happy with, so I will share them with you lovelies...
First headed over to the sleek section in Superdrug and originally was looking for their contour and highlighting palette. However, the only one left was broken so instead I bought to beautiful blushes.The first was Sahara. It is a matte blush that originally looks very dark and brown but when applied has a sort of sunset-orange undertone. It is subtle and slightly sheer, though colour can been built up nicely.
(Sahara on left, Pomegranate on right)
The second blusher I got was called Pomegranate and it is such a gorgeous colour. This one has a slight shimmer to it but thankfully no glitter. Yay! Glitter blushes make me look awful. The colour is a dark purple and it is very bold and pigmented. Only a small amount is needed on the brush to create a glowing cheek!
Both blushes stay put and are very pigmented. These were actually my first product from Sleek and I have to say I'm impressed. In the future I definitely hope to buy more products from the Sleek range. Anyway that is it from me so...
see u soon
Kay xxx

New Sleek Blushes

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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