This is the very first tutorial I have done on my blog so I am so sorry if it isn't too brilliant but hopefully all will go well haha. I've been wanting to do a smoky eye tutorial for a long time but have always been a little intimidated by the idea. So now I have finally found a picture that I think I can turn into a tutorial for you guys...

Kim's make-up is always flawless, especially her eyes. She is known for her signature smoky eye look so that is what I will try to emulate for you.
Step 1
Apply a primer to your eye lid and all the way up to your brow bone. I'm using the No.7 eye base which has a neutral pinky tone to it. This step is very important as a lot of heavy shadows are going to be applied and no-one wants black streaks down there face. Even though we have all been there done that haha!
Step 2
Use a eye-shadow brush of your preference to cover your eyelid in a mid grey colour. The one I will use is mist from the naturals collection which has a lot of shimmer but matte will work just as well especially for an early evening look.
Step 3
Take a black eye-shadow and apply from the middle of your crease, down to the corner of your eye and then along you lash line. This should create a v-shape. Now blend in all the black (applying more if needed) so the outer side of your lid is filled with the dark colour whilst the middle is a blend of both the light and dark.
Step 4
Now use a very light grey above your crease, then switch to a white highlighter below your brow bone. Remember to blend, blend and blend.
Step 5
We are nearly there now! Just line your outer lash line with the black you used earlier and the inner lash line with the grey. Apply a black eye-liner (mine is from 17) on your water and lash line. Use your mascara or apply fake lashes.
(Optional) Step 6
Use your everyday skin make-up however, to keep in theme with Kim's look use a light concealer under your eyes and in the middle of your forehead to highlight.

Well there we go. Hopefully it all made sense and if not then I will try to be clearer in my next tutorial. Pls let me know what you thought of this one. 
See u soon
Kay xxx

Kim Kardashian smoky eye tutorial...

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

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