It's fairly safe to say that most people's make-up bag's are a bit of a mess. If ever I look at 'What's in my make-up bag?' tags on you tube or blogs the blogger's bag is immaculate. Not a foundation or mascara smear in sight. Then I look back to my own make-up bag and think how on earth do they keep theirs so clean. So I thought when I do my 'What's in my make-up bag?' I'm going to be honest. I haven't cleaned up my bag or taken things in or out, I've just simply decided to empty and explain everything to you. Here goes...

The bag is from Dior, and it was a present because I don't think I could ever justifying buying a Dior bag that I know is just going to get covered in make-up. The first few things I have in here are, Maybelline foundation and powder, Clinque and L'oreal concealers. I've had my clinique for a long time now and it was only about a month ago I realised it was to dark for under my eyes and was just enhancing the brown circles. I went out and got a lighter L'oreal one and it is much more brightening.  Also in my bag is an old rubbish Technic bronzer I got free with a magazine a million years ago. Unfortunately my good bronzer has run out so I have been stuck with this one until I have time to buy a new one.

The next few things in my bag are Maybelline Mascara, 17 eye liner, a No.7 eye base, Beauty UK eye shadow and an Evie Mai eye-shadow. The Evie Mai shadow is so nice.  It is a burnt red colour and a pale pink, two colours that look really nice together. I put the pink over my eye lid and the red in the crease or sometimes use the pink as a highlighter under my brow bone. My 17 eye liner is a black one that I use for water line and through my top lashes. It does run under my eyes a bit through the day but for the most part it is quite good if I want to do a more grungy look.

The last things in my make-up bag are my Chanel lipstick and Rimmel lip crayon. The Chanel lipstick is a dark peachy-pink that is more subtle and a good match for a bold eye. On the other hand the Rimmel crayon is a bright candy pink that looks almost edible. Both are lovely for different looks.

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my very messy make-up bag and please do let me know what you thought.
See u soon
Kay xxx 

What's in my make-up bag?

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

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