Hello Everybody!
Well would you look at that, I've posted twice in one weekend! I never thought that would happen with me being the most disorganised person alive. Thankfully though this weekend I have managed to organise my room, do some coursework and still have time to do some shopping, which I thought I would tell you lovely people about.
 The first place I went to was Superdrug, which is never good because I come out of the shop having spent much more than I wanted to. I was looking for a setting powder since mine had just exploded all over my make-up bag (a real pain to clean). While I was looking around I decided to get the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Waterproof Powder.

 The packaging is very nice, it has a lovely little mirror in the compact and it also comes with a little sponge applicator which was actually quite good, although I will always prefer a brush. The powder itself is thicker than most powders and I would say it's between a setting powder and a powder foundation. It didn't last 24 hours, in fact it was more like 4 but my skin is especially oily so don't let that put you off. Also it's in an easy to carry container so you can top up quickly.

 In Superdrug I also got the Dove Original Stick Deodorant. I had just ran out of my Sure Maximum Protection, which in all my fifteen years of life is the only deodorant which has ever worked. Sadly, they had none in Superdrug so I opted for the Sure one because it was a stick/cream one as well. It's not as good. I'm a little disappointed but then I came up with the great plan to use both the Dove one and a Sure spray and now I'm good to go. The Dove one is probably fine if your not too sweaty but if you need complete protection go for the Sure stick.
 The final thing I got was some cute frilly socks. These are from new look and I love them. I have a pair of Doc Martin style shoes and some ankle boots and I think these will look really nice with both. This is the best thing about winter; socks, boots, leggings and jumpers ;)

 Anyway apart from that I just got some stationary which isn't to intresting but that's about it for today. Hope you enjoyed
see you soon
Kay xxx

Superdrug/Winter Haul

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

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