Hello everyone! This is the start of my new series, Samples. Recently I acquired a lot of samples. Thanks to Bristol Fashion week. And I mean a lot. So instead of leaving them at the bottom of my bag I decided to put them to good use and share them with you.
For this week I used the Pantene 2 Minute Repair Masque. To be honest it’s pretty good. It has the consistency of a conditioner and so at first I was a bit sceptical as to whether this was really just a dressed up conditioner trying to be a mask but to my surprise it was quite the contrary. It made my hair very sleek and shiny, so much that I could easily brush through my wet tangled hair without any pain. After blow drying my fringe (which very often goes static) was smooth and all over my hair was soft. I would even dare to say it was as good as my Aussie conditioner.
What I loved about this conditioner was that it only took 2 Minutes to use. Quite often I want to use a hair masque but I don’t have the time or energy of washing my hair applying the masque, getting out the shower, waiting 20 minutes and then washing it out. Thankfully with this masque you didn't need to as you could easily wait the two minutes in the shower.
I have never really used Pantene and I'm well aware that a lot of hairdressers say it’s bad for your hair. However after using this product I might look more into the brand. I think if you were to buy this it would be a good idea to research whether Pantene was good for your hair type, just in case it could damage your hair.
Overall this product gets a 7 out of ten because it was very good but honestly a 2 minute mask will never get the same results as a full length mask but it is a good quick alternative. I have to admit I'm cautious of Pantene because of some of the reviews but judging by this product they seem pretty good.
Next week I will be reviewing an Olay moisturiser for the series,
so I will see you soon
Kay xxx

Samples No.1- Pantene Repair Masque

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Friday, 15 November 2013

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