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So I've been in a little rut recently when it comes to make-up. I'm in school so I don't have time for a job which equals not much money to spend. Most things I buy my parents pay for but that's the necessitates, and apparently mascara isn't a necessitate. So when my No.7 Stay Perfect Mascara ran out I did what anyone girl would do; I stole my mum's. I don't think she has quite noticed yet and I'd give it at least another few days before she barges into my room and demands it back. With the little time I have left with it (sob) I thought I'd squeeze in a sneaky review. Lets see if the Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara can match up to my No.7.

 I'll start with my No.7. To start it's waterproof, how wonderful is that. I tell you every time I got out to sport in the rain in school my heart skips a beat. I dread the idea of walking back to class with black streaming down my face, looking like a corpse bride. Thankfully, with this mascara my worries are soon settled. I don't even think taking a dip in the swimming pool could make this Mascara run. On the other hand though, there's the flaking. The one thing I detest about this Mascara. I need to rub under my eyes every now and then to get rid of the horrid flakes. That normally means rubbing off my concealer and that means under eye circles.
 When it comes to actually lengthening and voluminous my eyelashes it isn't amazing but it is good. For school I don't want massive huge long lashes. I need subtle and that is exactly what this gives. It's perfect for anyone who goes to a school where make-up is banned.

 Now let's move onto Illegal Length. Is it waterproof? Yes. I haven't had much off a chance to test that but that's what it says on the bottle and it hasn't run as of yet so I'm going to say it's waterproof. Does it flake? No, which is probably my favourite thing. It's far better it that regard than the No.7. Is it lengthening and voluminous? Yes very! That's exciting because when I first put it on I was like 'Wow. Is this too much?' Now though I've gotten used to it and think it's better again in this regard than my previous one.
 It sounds a lot like the Illegal Length is an all round victor. That is until I have to take off my make up at night. It so good at staying put that even after showering, ex-foliating and washing my face it still wont come off. I literally have to clean my eye lashes separately and even then I don't feel like it's all gone.
 So will I be buying it? No. I just can't stand washing it off. In every other aspect it's great and I would defo recommend if you can get it off. So all in all I say I probably prefer No.7. If you guys have any ideas for good mascaras you've used please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you.
See u soon 
Kay xxx 

Illegal Length vs. Stay Perfect Mascara

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

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