Time to review my next addition to my skincare collection-Maybelline's new  foundation, Super Stay 24hr. When I saw the advert for this foundation on TV I was instantly drawn to it. My skin is oily and shiny so no foundation ever makes it through the day. The foundation I was using before this one was  True Match by L'oreal which made me look like a carrot, it was way to orange for me! Really this lovely foundation was just the right thing for me.

 I bought it in the shade nude which is a lovely colour with yellow undertones and it suits my skin a lot better than the last one. As well as that the foundation has a SPF 19, bit off an odd number but oh well. That's so handy (even though its autumn) because I don't want any nasty UV rays damaging my skin. The packaging is also very sleek and simplistic but also quite pretty.
 All that put aside the real question is 'Did it last 24hrs?' No. But it came pretty close. Right now I have it on and it was applied in the  morning and I have to say although there is a little shine on the nose it's done quite a good job and that's really nothing a little setting powder couldn't sort. It's also lighter than my last foundation, not as light as Rimmel Wake Me Up but still not too 'cakey'.
 In total I would give this foundation maybe a 7/10, it's impressive but when it comes down to it it isn't 24hr. Then again no one really needs a 24hr foundation so this one is quite a good buy and will defo get you through the day.
see u soon 
Kay xx

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Foundation Review

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

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