Hello there my lovely readers!
How are you guys? I'm sorry for the ridiculously long break I've taken from blogging I've been very busy with exams and boring stuff like that, which I'm sure your not interested in haha! Today's post is just some exciting news, I'm going to be doing the Duke Of Edinburgh bronze award. For any of you who don't know what that is its a programme where the participants do volunteering, learn a skill and do some kind of physical activity. On top of all that you go on an overnight walking expedition and yes... camp! 
As much as I love camping I've always found it a bit of a struggle. Finding your socks in the tent, the awful morning hair and the fact you have no straighteners to sort it out. 
So this got me thinking...
Before I do my expedition I'm going to come up with lots of camping beauty essentials. I know, I know it may not be practical but that's the point, I want to find things that are practical.  I will add a new thing to my list each week leading up to my expedition in April.
Anyway if any of you have any ideas of practical or small beauty products to add  please, please leave a comment as they are always appreciated.
Sorry for the quick one today but I will defo post soon.
See u soon
Kay xx

Beauty essentials for camping!

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

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