Hello Everybody! Before I continue to write today's post, I just want to make a quick apology for not uploading my professional vs. home dying post. I really want the post to be fantastic and long so I thought that I should spend a little bit more time on it before I uploaded it to be read. On the other hand though I do have a very exciting post for you today.
 So basically this test is comparing a home-made Toner to a shop bought one! Recently I've been looking online a lot at home-made beauty products and thought hey why don't I give it a go. Even better I thought I would share the experience with you lovely people!
 First up is the Home-made Toner:

So I got the recipe for this delicious toner from http://www.womansday.com, they have lots of fantastic face masks and scrubs over on the website so if your interested do look them up. This toner is very simple and you only need one ingredient Tea and a couple other bits and bobs. To make this toner you need;
Green tea (cool)
2 round make-up sponges (I used cotton pads)
A fresh clean face

To prep, clean your face with your normal cleanser or wash. Then make up a small mug of green tea and leave to cool. After it is cool enough to put on your face dip both sponges into the tea a place them on your eyes. Wait for fifteen minutes. Maybe chill and listen to calm music or try and walk round the house without seeing as I did and end up bashing into just about everything! After waiting the fifteen minutes take off the pads and see your beautiful, fresh looking eyes. 

Personally I liked this Idea a lot. My eyes felt brighter and fresher. But overall it's a much more interesting way of toning. Maybe it isn't practical for everyday but if your having friends over for a spa night why not give it a go?

Now onto the shop bought toner:
Today I'm using Olay Anti-wrinkle toner. You might wonder why a fifteen year old uses a Anti-wrinkle toner but I think it's good to be prepared! My theory is that my skin is less likely to wrinkle the younger I use it. That probably still sounds a bit weird but hey-ho!
So this toner is pretty self explanatory just apply to face and neck. I have to say it is refreshing to my skin. I was disappointed as my eyes weren't really as refreshed as the home-made one. Obviously it was a lot quicker to use and Olay is a very well standing brand so you know it's going to work.                Overall I prefer the Green tea toner just for the whole experince really. Sure it takes longer but it's the perfect time to relax for fifteen minnutes and I think thats something everybody needs.See you soonKay xxx

The Toner Test!

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Monday, 16 September 2013

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  1. I think it is very smart of you to be using anti-wrinkle products before you start getting wrinkles, that is exactly why they call them anti-wrinkle.

    I really enjoyed reading your experience and comparison with these two toners!

    Jac x0x