My daily makeup routine

 Hello everyone! I'm going to be going back to school soon as the summer is nearly over :( It's gone very quickly this year and I'm sure like me you don't want it to end. But I thought I would tell you guys about my normal makeup routine for school. My school is quite far away so I have to get up quite early to get ready and I don't have a lot of time to prepare in the mornings, which means I need to keep my makeup routine quick and easy. I also don't like to experiment to much on school days because if it goes wrong, I don't always have time to correct it. Anyway this is my school day makeup routine...

1) Moisturise-Simple anti-blemish moisturiser  

First I apply my simple moisturiser all over my face and leave it to dry. This moisturiser is really hydrating for my skin and helps control shiny skin. I normally then do another layer on my nose and forehead as they are particularly dry areas. Now I have a fresh base for my foundation.

2) Conceal-Clinique all about the eyes concealer

Next I apply my concealer by finger just under my eyes and all around my nose since these are places I get dark circles and redness. I make sure just to pat it and not rub it in, which results in big orange panda eyes but don't worry because my trusty cosmetic sponge wedge will sort that out. So I then take my sponge and blend out the edges of my concealer to get rid of any big orange lines.

3) Foundation-Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
I've had this foundation for a long time now and I do really like it. Some foundations are a bit thick and sticky. This on the other hand is light, luminous and fights tired looking skin. My shade is Ivory 100, which I think is the lightest shade but it still comes out darker than I expected but it actually works for me now. I usually apply my foundation with a brush or cosmetic wedge, since this makes a more even coverage than applying with my fingers.

4) Powder-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This is a anti-shine powder and when you first put it on it works well. Unfortunately, I don't think the anti-shine lasts longer than a couple of hours, yet it claims to last five. Maybe the anti-shine isn't strong enough for my skin but personally it's not my favourite. So I apply this all over my face to set my concealer and foundation, otherwise they will smudge and wear off. Setting powder is essential to put on after applying liquids and creams.

5) Blush- No.7 Natural Blush tint Powder
I use my big blusher brush to apply this. I can’t actually remember where the brush is from but any big powder brush will do. I use quite a bit of this blusher as it’s quite a subtle tone, almost purply but it really looks good after a few layers. It’s not super pigmented, but it’s good for a subtle look which at school I want.

6) Prime and line-No.7 Smoothing and Brightening Eye base,
No.7 Stay Precise felt Tip Liner
I apply my eye primer to my eye lid and leave it to dry for a minute or two as its very creamy and if I don’t let it dry my liner won’t show up on my lid. Then I do a thin line with my felt liner, taking it right down to the inner corner of my eye. Then I might do a cat flick on the outer corner. The liner isn’t a very strong colour and I really want to find one that’s a dark, bold black. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment.

7) Mascara-No.7 Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume
Now I will apply my mascara. First I do a base coat, after waiting a while I will do a second and then that’s done. I have to admit this is probably the best mascara I’ve used in a while. It really lengthens my lashes and they stay like it alll day long. It’s also waterproof which is good for school (especially P.E in the rain).

8)Lips-Maybelline Baby Lips Balm
I have this in peach kiss and it’s the perfect colour for me. It’s hydrating and adds colour at the same time. I take this with me to school as well for touch-ups through the day.

Anyway that's my normal makeup routine. It usually takes 15-20 minutes. I will try to post again sometime this week and I hope you enjoyed this post.
Kay xx

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Monday, 2 September 2013

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