First Ever Post/August Favourites  

  Hello and welcome to my new blog! I'm really new to the world of blogging and have never really had a blog before. I have a Tumblr account but this is my first ever blog posting my own content.
  As you can probably tell from the name, my blog is a beauty blog primarily. I might however do a few Hauls or WIWT'S but on the whole it will be about beauty products.
So to kick of this new blog, I thought I would begin with my August Favourites:

First up is the Simple, Anti-blemish Moisturiser:

I started using this moisturiser about a month ago and I really, really love it. It has a wonderful zingy, wake-me-up feel to it, so it's perfect for in the mornings. Also it's super moisturising and helps a lot with flaky dry skin, which I suffer from. As well as that it also has an in-built Anti-blemish, which is very handy as you wont have to use a seperate spot stick or blemish cream.
 On the other hand though it does take a while to dry, which if you are  rushing to do your make-up before school or work is a little bit of a nuisance. The packaging is quite useful since its a squeeze tube and not a pot, which I tend to prefer.
+Positives                                              -Negatives
   +Wake-me-up feel                               -Takes a while to dry
   + Very moisturising
Overall I would give this product an excellent 8/10 and would definitely buy it again.

Next up is the L'oreal Matt & Messy, Shine Free Salt Spray

I love this! I use it all the time at the moment. Its amazing at giving hair extra volume and texture. My hair has a natural wave to it but the salt spray really creates and adds  volume to the waves I have. The only problem I would say there is, is that sometimes it can leave hair a bit stiff and rigid,  like when you put on too much hairspray. Also I would recommend using it on freshly towel-dried hair instead of dry, as personally it doesn't really have much of an impact on my dry hair.
+Positives                                                         -Negatives
  +Added texture and volume                               -Can leave hair a bit stiff 
  +Helps create more waves and curls                    
All in all I would give the salt spray a 9/10

So that was my official first post and I hope it wasn't too awful. I'll be trying to post once a week and will probably post a Haul or tutorial next,
See u soon
Kay x

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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